Site Review: Pocket Rockets Casino

PocketRocketsCasino, a place I have seen grow and adapt.  A place I like to call a bitcoin poker second-home.  Main reason I stumbled upon PocketRocketsCasino?  Open-Face Chinese Poker.  A really silly poker game that winds up being quite fun and resulting in wild gambling swings.  I believe Shaun Deeb might have adapted and created this…


What is a Bitcoin?

On a normal day in November 2013, after a US government hearing on the subject, the term “bitcoin” was the highest searched word on Google. So what exactly is a “bitcoin” and why should you care about them?


Making Money as a Poker Affiliate

Perhaps the easiest way to make a lot of money at poker is not to play at all, but instead go and recruit dozens or even hundreds of others to play for you. It may sound like a pyramid scheme, but if you have social influence or know how to build traffic, a poker affiliate…


Online Open Face Chinese Poker

Open Face Chinese (or OFC) is taking the poker world by storm. But so far, there is only one place to play OFC online. Here, we look at the different variations of this game and talk about whether it is worth learning or not.

seal-by-Airwolfhound Review

Coming from the USA I feel like I’ve seen it all when it comes to online poker. I have basically quit all forms of non-bitcoin online poker due to deposit/payout safety and legality concerns. Sending to new name after new name trying to help the payment processor avoid legal issues has become too much for…


Seals With Clubs Bonus Code Offer

  If you are signing up for and are looking for a Seals With Clubs bonus or referral code, use the code ”POKERZERO”. Playing in the online poker freerolls at is one of the quickest and easiest ways to grind up a poker bankroll from nothing. So make sure to use our seals with clubs…